I still remember waking up that morning and getting ready for this session. My heart was ready for it but I would never imagine this magical world that I was about to submerge into. I was at The Rural Workshop preparing myself for this unexpected cool couple. Both female and with a strong sparkle in their eyes. They shared their story and let me tell you that these two lovely souls finally found love and peace in this crazy world. The concept was created by Josée Lamarre, our incredible mentor, and her energy is the most peaceful and calm that I have ever known for a while now. It allowed me to just witness her time walking by me and enjoy these moments in a natural easy way. I am forever grateful to have met you and you are so beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to belong to this world. I don’t usually photograph Boudoir and I am very much focused on the emotions, my pictures reflect the intense feeling that these two beautiful ladies feel for each other. And I just felt like I wanted to mark this session in Barcelona with a deep painting mood, focusing and unfocusing, painting light and shadow.

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My dear Sandie,
Thank you so much for your so lovely words. That makes me so happy that you enjoyed it and could feel the feelings I have for the photography. It was beautiful to meet you and I hope our ways will find again the same path some days…

It was very lovely to read your words. This was so special. A thousand thank you my dear Josée. Hugs.

Isto está tão bonito, de uma leveza e ao mesmo tempo de uma intensidade brutais! Just made my day!! Love <3

Aprecio imenso as tuas palavras que além de inesperadas são de uma simpatia muito grande. Espero não desiludir nas próximas stories. Love <3

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