The botanical garden was the perfect location for my latest editorial photo session in Porto. To invoke my Musa, bride and female essence. Like a poet inspired by his muse, I am by the women I photograph. A powerful female presence so natural that she doesn’t even know how fascinated she is. She is unique, not afraid to express her emotions but mostly she is intelligent. She understands how to balance love and life. I am a dreamer and live for creativity, love and family. As a wedding photographer, I am fascinated by human connection. And by all the love that drives the bride and groom to be together, but also the bound they have with their family. I will call her my muse, like a Greek goddess, invoking creativity and knowledge. She is romantic, irreverent with a unique style. But it’s in her vulnerability and sensitive mood that you will know her real strength. She is not afraid to show who she is. The expression comes within the soul. So real, so intense, so pure. Eventually, all the surroundings from this editorial at Botanical Garden in Porto will also inspire you. Feel the approach of nature in a beautifully delicate way. And the light, such light invoke the feeling of appreciation to witness the golden hour. Also, most portraits were taken after the sunset. And I must say this created the soft effect like a brush on a painting that I was dreaming of.


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