How do you photograph?


I am very discreet and I love natural and emotive spontaneous moments, but I strongly recommend that we make those classic group pictures. I have a documental approach, it means that I let moments happen without interrupting anything and I give my artistic point of view.

How is your approach on the wedding day?


I have a very artistic and cinematic vision but also in a human level. My approach is to create a connection with everyone. Make them confident about themselves and make them trust my work. I photograph their natural beauty.

Why do couples choose your work?


They are looking for someone with an unique vision.

My work has a very strong artistic touch, with spontaneous emotions capturing effortless moments.



How many images do you deliver?


I don’t want to feel limited by the quantity of images, because I am definitely focused on the creation. Saying this, I deliver between 800-1100 pictures, depending on the dynamic of the wedding. Usually I deliver more than normal, just to give you extra options.

How long do we wait to receive our images?

I always deliver a sneak peek up to 48h* and the total edited photographs up to 2 months.

*exceptions: health issues our busy work agenda.


Will we get full resolution images?

Absolutely, the online gallery has HD full resolution option digital photos.



How can we book?


The starting process is by the "communication" page (available in the menu bar). We schedule a meeting to know your plans and to find out if we belong in the same story. Also, to reserve your wedding date, I require a deposit transfered by back and a signed agreement, which can all be done online. Only after the confirmation of the deposit the booking is officially. I don’t hold dates.

How do we find if we are a match?

First, we meet and talk about your expectations and plans, I love to hear your story and help you in any way I can. Then if you feel the same vision, then we belong in the same story.

I am honored and humble to be part of your big day!


What if you can't be present in our wedding day?

In the unfortunate situation of unpredictable circumstances out of my control (health issues, accident, pregnancy, etc) you will be totally refunded, and I will try my best to help you find another photographer with a similar style, although I am not legally obligated to do so. But after some years, I know photographers that I can trust.