There is a part of me that still reminds very vividly the warmth of the sun, the sweet people I’ve met in Spain and also how it seemed so familiar from my home town. This intimate story is entitled Grace Loves Lace Wedding in Spain.

Arriving there the day before while capturing laid back images. And also, spending some time getting to know the closest friends and family of the bride and groom made everything more intense. It’s all about connection.

Karen and Julian are these two unique souls that met in a very particular way a few years ago. Now they sealed the deal. It was at this wedding that I discovered how the parent’s eyes shine for their “babies”. It’s about celebrating love and also about the blessing of the family. Can you imagine to be able to share such a unique magic moment in your life with your loved ones? It’s a real privilege. As beautifully as all three days were, there was something else that touched my heart: the Grace Loves Lace wedding dress. Directly from Australia, one of my favorite down brands. It was meant to be. Happiness is real, and definitely we have a real Grace Loves Lace Wedding this time in Spain. Real feelings, real emotions.

It was really nice for the family to take a weekend together and celebrate in a very calm and friendly way. There was pool laid back Sunday. Mostly, this is a celebration of two different cultures, Spain and Scotland.


Dress Designer: Grace Loves Lace

Wedding planner: Optimum Weddings

Wedding Venue: Los Chozos


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