Otaduy 10 Years Anniversary


Otaduy 10 Years Anniversary

What if a dress could start a movement?

Otaduy is not a dress, Otaduy is a philosophy.



Otaduy is a wedding dress designer. The brand was born from the creativity and free spirit of Carolina Otaduy. It was founded in 2011 after the designer traveled back to Spain from New York. All started very naturally in her own house, where she welcomed her friends and designed wedding dresses breaking the tradition of Spanish wedding dress. Very quickly wedding blogs discovered Otaduy and brides from UK, Germany, and the USA started to request their wedding dresses.

For me, Otaduy is not only a dress but a philosophy. The brand created a manifest that it’s like storytelling, full of magic, taking your senses to another level. If you want to read it click here.

Her dresses are timeless but yet they break the conventional wedding dress. They have a touch of rebellion but keep it feminine.


Otaduy brings together not only a different design but also brings strong concepts. 

The bride from Otaduy is someone that loves yoga bringing together a lifestyle of cultures such as art, cinema, and music.

I feel it’s for a strong woman who is also sensitive but wants a twist of fashion risk, creating her own world and style. She is a travel lover and her lifestyle is between surf and yoga, with an adventurous spirit. It’s for a determined woman with a strong vision of self-love and who clearly knows she is different and her wedding dress should reflect that unique soul. Such a bride that affirms herself with a rebel heart. It’s for the bride that takes risks, but still wants a delicate elegant dress.


If you are wondering how to reach Otaduy you can visit their atelier in Barcelona, where all the magic happens. You will find a showroom and also this is the place they create the dresses. But the brand also owns a showroom in Valencia.


All wedding dresses are handmade in the atelier. Every dress a bride receives, even from a bridal shop selling Otaduy, is handmade in Barcelona.


Each collection is unique but never loses the soul and spirit of the brand. In the new collection “Saturn loves Pluto” I can definitely feel that Carolina Otaduy is an astrology lover. She wanted to create a love dance between these two Astros and only meet in conjunction from 35 to 35 years. Everything is connected. And so is the lifestyle from the designer to the bride. 


When a bride goes to visit Otaduy she will have help from a stylist to find the dress for her wedding day. She has the opportunity to learn about the materials they have available and the different dress styles they have. She has time to be there and feel the dresses, to be with the dresses finding her connection with them, it’s the bride’s world. The design can have simple modifications, always with the guide of the stylist. After the dress is handmade in Barcelona, she will make a fit of proof until it’s ready to wear in her wedding. This process can take up to 4 appointments. 

It’s allowed to take pictures with your mobile phone in those dresses, you can make this memory and later ask your loved ones their favorite.

Before covid, the bride could bring up to 3 people with her. Now the covid regulations to make appointments, the bride can bring only one other person with her.


In the new collection, you can find prices from 1800€ until 3100€. You can confirm it here.


In 2021 a new concept is born: Love by Otaduy. This is a sustainable bridal online shop. Here you will find ready-to-wear designs for all sizes with the philosophy that a wedding dress shouldn’t stay inside the closet. These are versatile designs for the bride that decides she wants a civil wedding and doesn’t want to wait for the time of a handmade dress fitting to her body. The prices are very accessible and you can return within 14 days. The prices start at 110€.


2021 brings a great innovative step. Can you tell all fabrics from Love by Otaduy are Vegan? Yes, Adriana, the brand communication representative told me all about it. It’s part of who they are. They have a nature lover lifestyle and concept, incorporating that in the designs and its materials. Sustainable materials, cruel-free animal testing is part of Otaduy’s identity.


Otaduy is a lifestyle concept for the bride. They provide a complete look with everything the bride needs, such as wedding shoes, veils, headpieces, jewelry even masks. And I guarantee you will lose your mind in these incredible pieces. I feel you definitely will rock on the dance floor with Otaduy dresses. Make sure you choose well your wedding songs!


If you are a bride looking for Otaduy dresses you can easily find the brand in Otaduy’s website.

Also, there is a special form to directly contact the. Check below for contact information.



If you are currently living outside Spain you will have the pleasure to find their dresses all around the world. Take a look here: otaduy.co/tienda-vestidos-de-novia/


Want to keep it social? Otaduy is very present in different social media platforms, but I love their Pinterest and also their “video lives” on Instagram. Otaduy’s instagram handle is: @otaduy


Contact information:

Email: barcelona@otaduy.co

Online bookings: Find the form clicking here.

Phone: +34 678.067.880

Barcelona Atelier: Calle Provença 253, piso 2º 2ª 08008 Barcelona, España

Instagram: click here.

Pinterest: click here.

Youtube: Otaduy

Facebook: click here.


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