For V&T Paris engagement photo session, I developed an artistic project inspired by one sculpture.

When I studied arts, visiting museums was one of my all-time favorite activities to do. Not only does art inspire the soul but it also comes from a place of passion. Such feeling is unique to each person, the same way love is also a unique individual experience to be felt. Creating an Engagement Session in Paris was an absolute for me.


The Concept:

This photographic project is named “Touch”, inspired by Rodin’s sculpture “The Cathedral”. This art piece can be visited at Rodin’s Museum in Paris. I really recommended it to see it in person. The concept of this sculpture is the union of two lovers’ hands that form a cathedral, such were the forms of gothic churches to reach “heaven”. Wedding is a sacred union.

I felt it was very appropriate to explore an artistic concept of the hands as a metaphor for marriage. Inspired by this concept, it was obvious to use hands in this storytelling love story in Paris. Also, rings are symbols of union and are placed on fingers. It gave another dimension to the symbolism of wedding, getting married, and its rituals.


How to plan photography session in Rodin and Louvre?

It was my first time ever photographing inside a museum. Legally, you can photograph for personal usage. In this case, they are a couple, it’s not a company selling products. That would mean a “commercial” campaign photoshoot. We bought all tickets online to avoid any waiting time in museum lines. We had less than 1 hour in each museum. So, time was very tight. I already visited these two museums before, to make this very practical. I created a planned program to directly guide us to the area I wanted to photograph.

At Rodin museum, we went to the 1st floor, but all interior and exterior architecture there is really enjoyable and you can stay at least 3 hours to fully appreciate it. From Rodin to Louvre we took two metro lines. Totally insider’s information: to the best entrance to Louvre is by the Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre metro station from the line and you are already inside the pyramid.

V&T are both creative people with an open-minded vision. We were a match made in heaven. A super MERCI to them, for having me as their eyes and soul for their wedding! Soon, it’s their wedding day and I can’t wait to show you what more I’ve been creating. Spoiler alert to what’s coming next: I will mix analog with digital, using mixed media techniques.

I recommend the full love story in Paris museums below. Enjoy!


A Love Letter to You – Shiloh Dynasty.


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