The universe of dress designer Joana Montez


The universe of dress designer Joana Montez

“I identify myself with the haute couture boho style”

Joana Montez is a Wedding Dress Designer based in Cascais.

Despite her youthful appearance, she has been officially in the wedding industry for 20 years. She founded the Portuguese brand in 2000, after studies in Textile Design, Fashion Design and a post fashion graduate in Paris.

It is hard to explain in a few words what Joana’s creations mean to me, worthy of the cover of fashion magazines and haute couture wedding blogs. And the closer we get, the more we realize our artistic affinity and creative philosophy.

Joana Montez’s creations are a breath of fresh air and the reason for keeping this spirit modern and very current is her passion for creation. Joana finds inspiration everywhere, being in tune with her artistic process and unleashing her creativity by hand drawing. This process is fascinating, however, it requires immense dedication and time. The stylist does not put barriers in the initial design. First, she draws freely and then she analyzes the behavior of fabric and materials and also the women’s body type. The artistic process has no time neither day, but the click happens in the drawing. This process requires hours of immersion in the theme to achieve the quality of design. She feels that some days she is more creative and others any less. When the idea comes up, it is only the beginning, to get to the final piece there is a long way to go through. From the idea to the final design of the wedding dress, the stylist dedicates to the design of haute couture, going through several stages:

“Creating is a time-consuming, challenging and very exhaustive process, because we always want to improve and evolve. When we reach the end, knowing that we have finally achieved our mission is an enormous joy.”



Regarding the choice of photography, it is important to know how to choose the ideal photographer. As a Wedding Dress Designer, during our conversation, Joana revealed how she understands the importance of photography on the wedding day.

“Photos are what remains, they will endure over time, for the children and grandchildren. It will mark the memory of that day. The investment in a good photographer, at the same level of the event, is fundamental for the day.”

Sometimes the bride and groom choose a cheaper photographer for budget reasons. It is understandable to face the checklist that is long, but due to culture sometimes the engaged couple assume excessive expenses, such as, for example, event catering. With balance and reasonable moderation, it is possible to plan the wedding with your favorite suppliers without sacrificing the real value of photography, mainly because it is an investment for the future.



I personally feel that the experience of going to a bridal shop is very different, it’s very nice, all about styling, but when we meet the wedding dress designer, while visiting the creative atelier and the designer speaks directly to the bride, understanding more closely her physical and emotional needs, is the best solution.

Therefore, I strongly appreciate the dedication of this atelier. Joana Montez is present in all fittings. Usually, the total number of times the bride visits the atelier is around four fittings. The service that the bride can expect from the designer is the most personalized that exists, accompanying each doubt and adapting the bride’s dream to what most suits her body.

Beauty and comfort for Joana is a philosophy of life. With studies in Textile Design, the search for materials is very important in her work. She is always looking for new fabrics. The fabrics chosen by the designer are exclusive and natural. This way the fabric has a leading role as well as the quality of the design. Joana loves to create patterns, a mixture of fabrics and handmade cutouts:

“Comfort is essential, personally I am unable to wear uncomfortable clothing. When a person is comfortable, also feels more confident.”



In the Portuguese market, brides only get one special dress while in other countries some choose more than one dress. The chosen dress can be adapted to different moments of the wedding day. It must be beautiful and comfortable in all moments, the dress has to fulfill its function from start to finish, and it is indeed a huge challenge for the designer. The way Joana finds to invigorate the same dress is to find an ideal dress, adding and removing pieces throughout the wedding. The bride has to be beautiful from the entrance in the church, at the cocktail of the wedding reception, and even looking beautiful on the dance floor.

In terms of design, Joana Montez is passionate about fluid lines, if the bride wants to bet on a petticoat, or put on a cloak for the church, a look that she can later remove, adapting design and function to the different times of the wedding day.

Joana’s philosophy is to bet on the quality of the fabrics so that comfort is the maximum as possible. The bride should feel beautiful and feel comfortable. Natural fabrics give the bride greater comfort. The handmade stitching allows you to customize and adapt the dress to the bride’s body. A dress is never likewise, they are all made to measure.



Joana Montez’s bride has a romantic spirit and appreciates haute couture fashion. When a bride goes to the atelier looking for a personalized cut, Joana guides the bride to the design that the bride herself likes, always taking into account what favors her body type.

Collection dresses are available but there is also the chance to choose one exclusive dress design. Compared with international brands the values that Joana Montez applies are very much accessible to the type of quality and personalized service she provides. Bear in mind that all dresses are made to measure and finished by hand, collection prices between 2,300€ and 3000€ are below other brands that provide this service that reaches values of collection dresses at 6000€.

But above all, there is a factor that is very important, due to the stylist’s experience, the bride has to feel emotion when wearing the right dress. Joana Montez’s perspective is that choosing the right dress is not a complicated process, it is a process of sensitivity in which the stylist helps the bride to understand her own body. Joana is committed to originality and quality. Originality often marks memory on the day of the wedding. In a different dress design the bridesmaids, the family, and the guests love to feel surprised by an original dress or fashion piece that complements the look and the style. With delicate touch and originality. The quality of the design is what motivates purchase.



Despite her enormous recognition as a wedding dress designer, Joana Montez is preparing a very special ready-to-wear line, also available for the mother of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, and guests. In the atelier where she attends the bride, there is a space dedicated for party options with clothing and accessories all designed by her. A service that complements and helps the look and dress code for the day of the event, being very practical to have friends and the bride helping for the final look. It is an experience shared together and unforgettable for the bride.



We can find the stylist on different online platforms. The most effective way to contact the atelier is through the email contact found below and also an online appointment scheduled by her website The bride will receive an information sheet to guide her in detail on the service and pricing process.


Contact information:


Online bookings: click here 

Oline information for the bride, click here.

Contacts: 910718482/214820109

Atelier / Showroom Address: Cascais

Rua Cesaltina Fialho Gouveia, 713-G

2645-038 Alcabideche

Instagram: @joanamontezatelier 

Facebook: Joana Montez 

Pinterest: Joana Montez 

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Wedding Photographer: Sandie Boloto

Wedding Dress Designer: Joana Montez

Make up Artist: Kabuki Make Up

Hair Stylist: Patz Hair & Make Up

Model: Alice Santos from L’Agence Lisboa


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